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The problem with end-of-life tyres and our pioneering solution

Our continuous pyrolysis plant, the PACS Series 1, can help solve this problem and generate high value commodities - eco-pyrolysis oil and eco-carbon char. The pyrolysis oil can be successfully refined into new fractions such as bio-fuel or chemicals, whilst the carbon char can be refined to support various manufacturing sectors such as paint, plastic, and steel.

The established pyrolysis technology, from our South African subsidiary, has been engineered, adapted, and upgraded to meet the rigorous environmental standards of operation in the UK. Our multinational engineering team, comprising some of the leading technical experts in their fields from the UK, South Africa, and Ireland, have worked to create a best-in-class technology that meets modern day requirements. 

The plant requires minimal human intervention to run and can cope with higher volumes of feedstock and is fully patented, certified, and proven.

Ours is the only current technology that offers a sustainable and circular process for end of life (waste) tyres that can operate in island mode and is low energy, modular and scalable, meaning it can be deployed in sites as small as 15,000 sq ft (c. 1,390 sq metres)

Our story

As an established warehousing and logistics business, a thought one day occurred when our CEO saw end of life tyres from his fleet being taken for recycling. Could they be put to better use to elevate the sustainability of the business? Was there a way that they could be processed to meet sustainability and circular economy models?

As the research process began, it became evident that pyrolysis was not a new technology, indeed rotating kilns have been processing waste in many scenarios for decades.

However, there was yet to be a compact and scalable system that allowed solutions to be integrated into regional and remote locations, thereby reducing waste tyre miles as they were driven to alternative locations to be recycled in other ways.

Over the next few years, the project gathered pace and some of the best pyrolysis and recycling engineers were employed to work on the project. The plant was re-imagined to meet future challenges faced by the global tyre recycling industry.

Now, in the early summer of 2022, the UK’s first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres will begin full time operations.

Facts and figures

  • The plant process c. 8,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyre feedstock per annum

  • The plant can produce between 2.8 and 4.2m litres of eco-pyrolysis oil per annum

  • It can operate on a 24/7 basis with downtime only for scheduled maintenance

  • 1 tonne of rCB (Recovered Carbon Black) - refined from our carbon char -  takes 7 fewer tonnes of CO2  to manufacture the same amount of vCB  (virgin carbon black)

  • It is fully patented and IP protected worldwide.

  • SWIP certification has been successfully granted

  • It can be easily co-located with existing tyre recycling facilities to produce a decentralised recycling network for ELTs, minimising recycling mileage in transportation and maximising greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

  • It provides a tangible pathway to net zero for the tyre recycling industry

  • Each plant can be operated in ‘island’ mode; no connection to the grid is required due to its self-sufficient power generation technology. 


Our strategy

Our strategy will see the deployment of plants across the globe, and tangible volumes of eco pyrolysis oil and eco carbon char generated as well as millions of waste tyres removed from other processing streams and landfill. 

Those who wish to take advantage of this pioneering technology have two options, both on a joint venture basis.

This ensures that our team can continue to support the project teams to guarantee the longevity of the project, and to secure the necessary outcomes to deliver success. 

By forming strategic partnerships, the global waste tyre problem will be addressed, and a truly circular solution delivered forming part of the UK’s Net Zero vision.

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How it works

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials, in some cases it can separate hydrocarbon-based materials back to their constituent building blocks; in this situation, end-of-life tyres. Our plant achieves this ‘first in the UK technology’ through the sophisticated design of the technology. Compact, standalone, and guaranteeing a consistency of supply due to the continuous process, the operation of the plant is in essence a simple process.

The technology is largely manufactured in the UK, but we work alongside selected global partners. Our solution is one that is fit for industry and tried and tested in our own plant at Worksop.

It is fully certified by the local authority in the UK and as such, other plants of the same design would be able to achieve the same certification by following the same simple process.

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