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12 Carlton Forest facts of Christmas

1 – We have over 1.3m sq ft of warehouse space and we can always find more!

2 – We have BRC AA accreditations for the last five years! We won’t let it stop anytime soon

3 – We are home to the UK’s first continual non batching pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres

4 – We have sent over almost 800 social media posts in 2021 keeping you in touch with all that’s happening at Carlton Forest Group

5 –3400 followers keep up to date with all things Carlton Forest through LI! Tell your friends and get them to join us too!

6 – We’ve got over 99 team members! Will we make it to 100 by the end of the year?!

7 – 25 liveried vehicles take our customers goods across the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for us 😊

8 – Over £3000 has been donated to the local community and charities

9 – We introduced a ‘Star of the Month’ award and have recognised nine members of the team since we started in March

10 – Lower tier COMAH registration means we can give our customers even more options and greater flexibility

11 - When our Worksop pyrolysis plant is at full capacity it will produce 4m litres of green oil and 2.5 tonnes of carbon char each year

12 – 1.8m tend-of-life tyres will be processed through our pyrolysis plant removing them from other waste streams

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