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2021 – what a year it has been!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

2021 has been an amazing year for Carlton Forest Group and its team. Our 3PL division has grown exponentially, our Renewables division is on the cusp of launching the UK’s first pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres, and behind the scenes there are lots of exciting projects ongoing many of which will come to fruition in 2022.

Mark Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, looks back at why 2021 is pivotal in the Carlton Forest story.

Returning to work in early January wasn’t quite the start to the year that we had hoped for. Lockdown 3.0 was in place and, once again, Britons had to adjust to the strictest of restrictions on their freedom. Our team had little time to reflect on the mood of the nation – the 3PL industry was critical to keeping the nation moving as the ecommerce market became key to delivering the needs of the nation.

We weren’t about to put our growth plans on the back burner though – the first few weeks of the year saw us secure a flagship site at Bawtry Park, doubling our warehouse space and tipping the 1m sq ft mark for the first time.

All about the people

To facilitate the ongoing growth of the business, we’ve also recruited several new members of the team and re-deployed others to ensure everyone was in a role where they could play to their key strengths. We’ve got some great industry professionals in the 3PL division that have brought considerable experience with them but something more than that too – a desire to be part of a team that is going places and part of the Carlton Forest family where things are done a little differently, retaining the family ethos of the business and giving everyone the opportunity to play their part in the ongoing growth and success of the business.

We’ve also recruited new team members in the Renewables division as the opening of the UKs first pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres draws ever closer. Experienced in the field, the first team members have been involved in the installation and commissioning of the project, alongside those who have been involved with the project from the start.

Inevitably delayed by Covid, manufacturing of key components saw the project having to be halted temporarily, however, the team were poised, ready to go as soon as they were able. With work nearing completion, the team can’t wait to press the button and begin producing the oil and carbon char and remove 1.8m end-of-life tyres from the UK waste streams.

Community spirit

Being part of our local communities is important to us, and this is something that was on our agenda for 2021. We’ve supported a local school, become patrons of Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, taken part in an ice bucket challenge for charity, and made donations to local charities for the festive period.

As we moved into the Doncaster business community, as well as the Worksop one, it’s been great to become involved in a region that has so much to offer and is passionate about supporting businesses to succeed in the borough.

We’ve also integrated with our industry peers and colleagues by attending network events, entering industry awards, and working with industry publications to promote the warehousing, logistics and supply chain network as an industry that is a great one to be part of.

A great industry to be part of

Speaking of that industry, 2021 has been another year that has called upon all those who work in it at every level to demonstrate outstanding levels of commitment. Never has the logistics and supply chain sector been so in the public eye, but it has achieved something amazing, and I know that next year and beyond will only go to show what an integral part it plays in keeping the country running and delivering on demand.

We’ve seen the mentality of businesses switch from a just-in-time to a just-in-case, and we expect that strategy to continue as business leaders reap the benefits of third-party warehousing and logistics support, streamlining their business operations and creating a positive business impact.

Whilst 2021 has not been without its challenges, both personally and professionally for the nation, there has been many positives too. Our positive team will continue to face any challenges head on, seize opportunities wherever possible, and deliver the five-year strategic growth plan of the senior team.

There’s an exciting future ahead for us all.

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