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“This is fantastic news for Carlton Forest 3PL, and the entire team is delighted that our hard work and commitment to high standards has been recognised again,” said Alistair Plant, Business Development Manager, Carlton Forest 3PL. “It is this type of achievement that reinforces the quality of the service that we offer to our customers and what makes us so popular with an ever-growing portfolio of clients.”

Achieving A+ status means that Carlton Forest 3PL has attained extremely high standards in all areas of its business operations. Most importantly, it has maintained those standards consistently since first achieving the status in 2017 at some sites and established those standards at its new sites too.

Lisa Tomlinson, 3PL Divisional Director, continued: “We have a fantastic team at all levels who are committed to upholding the high standards, and vision for success that the senior leadership team has. My thanks go to everyone but particularly, Andrew Brownett, Alan Mackenzie and Chris Peacock for their diligence and commitment.”

This highly regarded standard was developed by industry experts to secure the attainment and maintenance of high standards for product safety and operational management, supply chain for organisations involved in the storage and distribution, including wholesale activities, of food and non-food products.

Carlton Forest 3PL is one of the leading independent logistics and warehousing companies in the North of England and the Midlands. Its bespoke solutions give companies the flexibility they need to facilitate efficient supply chain systems and movement of goods from all sectors across the country and beyond.

Further information about Carlton Forest Group can be found by visiting

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