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A leading 3PL provider has extended its service offering to support the ongoing container challenges experienced by UK business.

Carlton Forest 3PL, which operates across a variety of transport and logistics services, has been operating a dedicated container service in recent months and achieved great success for several blue-chip clients, removing or reducing demurrage charges and offering a seamless cross-docking facility.

“We have offered these services for a long time, however we felt that given the ongoing challenges faced by our customers port side, that a newly tailored service would help reduce costs and integrate perfectly with our logistics services too,” said Lisa Tomlinson, Divisional Director, Carlton Forest 3PL. “As a result, our new service Fast Track Container Solution, gives customers an enhanced range of options that can be tailored to suit their requirements and support them with a complete container solution.”

Fast Track Container Solution will provide services that will allow businesses to increase inbound, find faster ways to unload containers into a network, reduce marshalling space in a warehouse, pick certain SKUs from multiple containers to facilitate stock demands and store containers ‘off-dock’.

“In recent months we have had customers pay tens of thousands of pounds in demurrage fees, and the knock-on effect that this has on the supply chain is huge, explaining why so many things are out of stock, why prices are rising, and why businesses are experiencing significant additional costs in accessing the goods they have ordered,” said Lisa. “Our simple solution, can help to streamline the process and give control back to companies both financially, and in terms of how they manage their supply chain, logistics and warehousing needs.”

To discuss the container services please contact 3pl Business Development Managers, Alistair.plant@carltonforestgroup,com or

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