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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Our flagship site at Bawtry Park, with over 600,000 sq. ft of storage space, was recently accredited with lower tier COMAH certification.

This provides an added value service to our product portfolio and allows us to support customers who have products that are flammable or explosive, whether that is pressurised canisters, or party poppers!

What is COMAH?

According to the HSE website, COMAH, Control of Major Accident Hazards, is there to ‘prevent and mitigate the effects of accidents involving dangerous substances which can cause serious damage/harm to people and/or the environment.’

Lower tier certification allows the business to have a small hazardous inventory.

What does this accreditation mean to our customers?

Simply, it gives a greater diversification of services allowing us to support a wider product range and supply chain requirements and gives clients confidence that we meet stringent guidelines for the storage and handling of these goods.

Our team recognised that this was something that would offer greater support to both existing and new customers, allowing them to choose Carlton Forest 3PL as a sole supplier for storage and distribution.

Dave Hutchings, Business Development Director, Carlton Forest 3PL commented; “As we continue to grow, our 3PL team constantly review our service offering and how we can expand and develop that to better support customers.

“The rigorous evaluation process for COMAH highlights how it is imperative that customers, who have products that fall into COMAH criteria, choose a 3PL and warehousing provider that has the appropriate accreditation and expertise.

“Within the first few months of achieving this accreditation, we already have customers who have taken advantage of this facility and we look forward to developing long term partnerships.”

To discuss COMAH, or other general enquiries for 3PL solutions, please contact or

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