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We’re right in the middle of British Science Week and we’re proud to know how important science is in all we do. Indeed, it plays an intrinsic part in our business.

Whilst we’re renowned for delivering exemplary 3PL solutions to businesses across the UK, we also have a hugely active Renewables Division that has a team of engineers and product developers working on some incredibly amazing projects.

It is home to the UKs first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres, and our team has designed several elements of the technology, developed the technology to deliver the maximum output and benefits, and engineered not only the plant, but the technology that runs it. Together, they have drawn on so many elements of science from understanding chemical compositions, thermal combustion, the laws of physics and more. It’s a project that has seen all elements of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) integrate to a successful conclusion and highlights how intrinsically linked these core subjects are.

Alex Matthias, Chief Development Officer, Carlton Forest Group commented; “Our Renewables division is all about pushing boundaries and developing new technologies that tackle real life problems such as what we do with all the end of life tyres that we generate across the globe. We apply our scientific knowledge to innovate, design and develop solutions to tackle those problems and we are delighted to be working on a series of projects that will help solve other issues faced in our modern world.”

Alex continued; “British Science Week is a great platform to promote science as subjects that can be studied and enjoyed by everyone and showcases how science is applied in so many careers and everyday life.”

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