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Cross-docking can be a vital tool in managing stock levels and in helping businesses to ensure products make their way through the supply chain successfully.

But what does it mean, and how can it help your business?

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of using a cross-docking service is that it can eliminate excess storage needs and give businesses an opportunity to bypass traditional warehousing solutions.

What it is

Cross-docking means that goods are taken directly from one vehicle or mode of transport and loaded directly onto another. Our experienced 3PL team does this from vehicle to vehicle however, container collection from air, sea or rail ports can be offered as part of the service to facilitate exact customer requirements.

How it helps your business

Using our cross-docking service leads to a more efficient movement of goods through the supply chain. Particularly suited to goods that are in high demand it can:

· Remove or reduce the need for transport, storage, and labour costs.

· Assist with more efficient goods management from point of arrival to final destination

· Remove or reduce additional layers of administration

The beauty of our cross-docking solution is that it can be tailored to suit each customer.

Typically, it takes the format whereby the destination of the goods is pre-planned. However, it can be utilised as a reactive service to product demand and can be a useful tool when dealing with fluid supply chains that perhaps pertain to seasonal goods or have fluctuations in demand.

If your business could benefit from this, or you’re looking for an agile cross-docking partner, please get in touch with:

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