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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Even when we just operated from our Worksop site, we still did a lot of business in and around the Doncaster area, so it’s been a place that is close to our hearts for several years.

With many of our team members living or socialising in the town, it’s been great to see how the town has grown and developed over the years. Now, for it to be awarded city status, only cements its future as a great place to do business.

With a rich rail and racing heritage, it is also becoming known as a logistics hub, with some of the major players in the supply chain industry, including ourselves, choosing Doncaster as a location for their operations.

Mark Pepper, our CEO and Board Member at Doncaster Chamber of Commerce commented; “This is great new for Doncaster, for its people and for anyone who does business in the area. The connectivity that we have in terms of our airport, iport and superb motorway connections, makes it much more straightforward to store and move goods and support the supply chain efficiently.

“Some huge business names choose Doncaster as the home for their business including Amazon, Hitachi Rail, Wabtec, Unipart Rail, Lidl, Ceva Logistics, Ikea and Next to name just a few. Add these to the local businesses that also invest their businesses in Doncaster, and you have a great portfolio of inward investment that is helping to put Doncaster on the map.

“Combined with its other offerings of visitor attractions, places to eat and truly pretty places to visit, the future of Doncaster looks amazing, and I am delighted to be playing a part in that.”

To read more about Doncaster’s city status visit

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