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The recent European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) conference, held in Brussels has been hailed a success by our team who were in attendance.

Chris Brown, Head of Renewables; Warren Steele, Project Development Director and Lucy Crapper, Group Marketing and Communications Manager, attended the three-day event which saw some of the major players in the tyre recycling sector in Europe and beyond, meet to discuss what the future of tyre recycling looks like and share views and information.

“It was important that Carlton Forest Renewables was represented at this conference and for us to play our part in shaping the industry,” said Chris. “As we continue the detailed commissioning of the UKs first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres, now was the time to share with a wider audience just how much we have achieved and the pivotal impact our technology will have on the tyre recycling and recovery sector, not just in the UK and Europe, but across the globe.”

Day one saw Costis Keridis, CEO at Bitulab Ltd, present his knowledge within the public sector and his project, Re-Plan City Life, evidencing the benefits of using recycled rubber in the renewables sector.

During the three day event, the team also caught up with Jörg Wieder, Application-oriented Aerosol Scientist, where they shared thoughts on our technology and what the potential for the pyrolysis sector truly represents and John Powath partner at IBP. It was interesting to hear John’s view on the tyre export market into India, given his influence and advisory role within the government sector.

A detailed discussion around the tyre crumb supply market and the solutions available took place with Peter O’Kane from PPP recycling and recovered Carbon Black expert, Martin von Wolfersdorff brought delegates up to date with the status of this valuable commodity.

Lucy also caught up with Marie Laska, an entrepreneur who has entered the tyre market with her brand Future Tire Recycling.

Friday was dedicated to Devulcanisation and Pyrolysis, and it was most pleasing to discuss this subject with the wider industry and share the work, research, and progress that we have made in the field.

Chris added; “It was great to see such vibrant discussion, drive and determination surrounding tyre recycling and the innovative solutions and projects that businesses and individuals are working onto support the ongoing progression of the market.

“There is so much opportunity for success, negating the need to take our tyres elsewhere, and creating valuable commodities with their own revenue streams such as the Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) and carbon char that can be refined into Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) from our own plant processes.

“It is this type of event that shows how important information sharing and a common goal is to success, and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many colleagues.”

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