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Fast Track Container Services supporting UK supply chain

The UK Supply Chain continues to be placed under considerable pressure with a perfect storm of striking port staff, backlogs, and location issues still prevalent from the pandemic.

To support the supply chain, 3PL providers have really come into our own – the very nature of what we do and the flexibility that we offer means that our reactive service offering can assist when challenges are faced, seasonal peaks are experienced or when demand changes.

In the last few months, since the relaunch of our container service, branded as Fast Track, customers existing and new have been taking advantage of the service as it directly tackles some of the challenges faced port side and beyond.

Benefitting from a seamless cross docking facility, demurrage charges have been removed or reduced in many cases giving maximum support and flexibility to customers who can take advantage of what is available.

“Container issues continue to rumble on and the support we can offer to businesses will help to stablise global supply chains, keep goods on shelves and facilitate smooth production in the manufacturing sector,” said David Hutchings, Business Development Director, Carlton Forest 3PL. “With a range of integrated services available, customers can tailor make a solution that directly supports their needs, and we can advise on how to achieve the best result.”

Fast Track Container Service allows businesses to choose from an enhanced range of services to suit their requirements and support them with a complete container solution. It provides services that will help businesses to find a quicker way of unloading containers into a supply chain network, choose certain products to replenish stock, reduce marshalling space in their own warehouses and store containers ‘off-dock’.

David concluded; “Our container service gives control back to businesses as far as practically possible, and helps them to manage their warehouse, stock levels, and supply chain in a more pro-active way.”

To discuss the container services please contact 3PL Business Development Managers, Alistair.plant@carltonforestgroup,com or

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