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We are delighted to announce that Alex Matthias has been appointed as a partner in the business.

Alex, from Rossendale, Chief Development Officer for the group, joins our existing partners Mark Pepper, CEO and Diane Ward, COO and brings years of director level experience across various business disciplines including sales, business growth, policy, engineering, and energy.

“I am delighted to welcome Alex as partner and, having worked with him for the last two years, know that he is perfectly suited to the role,” said Mark Pepper, CEO and owner, Carlton Forest Group. “Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity and focus will help us to deliver ongoing success and establish the business, across all its divisions, as a major player in the UK business landscape.”

Alex joined the team at Carlton Forest Group two years ago and has played a key role in the growth of its Renewables division and the successful completion of its end-of-life tyres pyrolysis project, the first and only of its kind in the UK. He has also driven innovative projects that are in their development phase and created detailed plans to take these revolutionary products to market.

“Carlton Forest Group is an amazing business that places a huge emphasis on its people, and how it encourages them to develop, perform and simply enjoy what they do, is so refreshing,” said Alex. “I am honoured to join Mark and Diane as fellow partners

and know that our team can continue to deliver amazing business performance as we work towards our common goals.”

Further information about Carlton Forest Group can be found by visiting

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