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Many regions across the UK have a Chamber of Commerce which supports businesses in the area in which they operate, and we are proud to be part of our local one, in Doncaster.

As with most membership organisations, it’s about what you put in that gives you the biggest return on your investment and the team at Carlton Forest Group is pleased to hold an active role within our Chamber of Commerce.

We have been sponsors of an award at the last two Business Awards – one of the biggest business awards in the UK attracting around 1000 people every December as they celebrate the best of Doncaster business.

In addition, Mark Pepper, our CEO, is on the Board of Directors at the Chamber of Commerce and helps to steer policy, process and the people who make up the Chamber team.

“Doncaster Chamber gives so much support to its current 827 members which range from start-ups to multi-million-pound businesses,” said Mark. “In 2022, they hosted over 80 events, supported by 21 patrons, of which we are one, and helped over 150 start-up businesses turn their ideas into reality.

“It is this diverse approach which makes Doncaster Chamber such an intrinsic part of the Doncaster business community and why so many businesses benefit from the services it offers, the networking opportunities it provides and the way that it connects businesspeople across the town. I would wholly encourage owners, directors, and senior leadership teams to explore what membership could mean to them, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Chamber team during 2023.”

Doncaster Chamber was established in 1941 and was runner up at the 2022 Chamber Business Awards in the Chamber of the Year category after previously winning the award in 2019. A total of 53 accredited organisations – across the UK – and 78 international ones were eligible – Doncaster making the runner up position was a huge achievement.

Further information about Doncaster Chamber can be found by visiting

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