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As a business that is incredibly family centric, protecting our future generations is very important to the senior leadership team at Carlton Forest Group.

With that in mind, the company is pleased to continue its annual donation to safe4kids, a national charity which works with schools across the UK to educate children on how to stay safe, whether that is when using the internet, dealing with bullying, drugs, or other challenges that they may face.

Making the donation for fifth year in a row, the business recognises the work that the charity does in helping children be aware of the dangers in a modern world, without instilling fear or inhibiting their natural curiosity.

Adam Jones, Chief Commercial Officer commented; “safe4kids creates a range of unique resources to capture the imagination of children and adults to that they can be educated and informed in a fun and enjoyable way, all whilst delivering an important message.

“By encouraging partnerships between schools, parents and the business community, resources can be provided to schools free of charge and we are proud to support schools across North Nottinghamshire.”

Further information about safe4kids can be found by visiting

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