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To protect our staff, visitors, and those in the communities where we operate, we are delighted to announce that public access defibrillators have been installed at our group locations.

Some of our staff have been trained in how to use them and all others have received access to an online training portal which shows how they operate. All are aware where they are located, and signs have been placed at each site to direct people to the appropriate location.

Andrew Brownett, Health and Safety Manager commented; “Statistically, if you get a defib to someone having a cardiac arrest in the first two minutes and the casualty has received good CPR, they are likely to come round after the first shock.

“This highlights how important defibrillators are and why it was imperative that we provided access to them as soon as possible.”

Defibrillator locations at each site are listed below

Bawtry Park: Operations Office at side of First aid box.

Worksop: Operations Office.

Tuxford: Corridor outside the canteen.

Hellaby: Canteen in the main offices.

Carlton Forest Renewables, Worksop: Workshop at side of the control room.

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