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We’re only a few weeks in to 2023 but our Renewables team has been rather busy! As word gathers about our pioneering pyrolysis technology for end-of-life tyres, the team has been in demand to deal with prospective enquiries, discuss technical propositions with customers, and onboard new members to the team as operations expand.

The team has been delighted to welcome David Ashurst from UK Rubber for a tour around the Carlton Forest Renewables pyrolysis plant, followed by discussions around offtake solutions and what a plant may look like in Scotland.

Furthermore, a joint visit by Edamus Clean Tech AB and their clients Umea Energi AB who are working on building an Eco Park in North Sweden also proved to be extremely productive for all parties. A special thanks to Emilie Knight from Thalia Waste Management for accommodating a visit to the excellent facilities at the Allerton Waste Recovery Park for our clients; we were equally enlightened by their operations and strategic aims.

But it’s not just about the commercial side of the business. Our team continues to represent the work that we are doing in global forums with several Teams meetings around the European rCB market including ones with Franz Friebel and Andreas Kapf.

As far as our team is concerned Warren Steele has been promoted to Project Development Director, which merges the business development and full project control of international projects.

Elliott Cox joined the team as a project engineer from a background in mechanical engineering and working in offshore windfarms. His principal role is project management for the pyrolysis plant and ongoing development.

And finally, our new Chief Renewables Officer, Chris Brown, joined the team taking a lead on the strategic elements of the division as it continues to prosper.

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