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In 2023 it is estimated that 16.2m (57%) of households have pets which means there is a lot of food, veterinary products, and pet and animal care items being moved around the UK from both UK and global manufacturers.

In statistics generated in 2021, pet food had the largest market share at £3.1bn with veterinary services having £2.4bn in the same year.

So, if you’re an importer, manufacturer, provider, or distributor of products that help British people take care of their pets and animals, getting the right storage solution to support this significant industry is vital to keep supply chains moving.

How 3PL providers support the pet and animal supply chain

Animal and pet products such as bagged food can often take up lots of space and can be heavy and cumbersome to maneuver. This means that manufacturers of such products are often keen to seek outside storage and distribution facilities to streamline services and achieve a Just-in-time service to customers. That said, there are many who have much smaller items that still reap the benefits of expert 3PL partnerships.

3PL providers can offer several services that can support. Some, as we do at Carlton Forest 3PL, allow customers to tailor those servic/es to create a solution that fits the needs of the customer perfectly, and incorporates many elements such as container de-stuffing, storage, onward delivery and distribution, ecommerce, pick and pack and transport.

This allows those manufacturers, importers, and providers to ensure the UK pet and animal sector continues to operate in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Food glorious food

An ever-increasing number of pet food brands are being established to complement tried and tested favourites available in the supermarket such as Pedigree Chum, owned by Mars, and Winalot, owned by Nestle.

However, as more and more pet owners, particularly dog owners, seek alternative food stuffs for their animals, the likes of Butternut Box for dogs and Bella and Duke for cats, have taken the pet market by storm.

A reliable and forward thinking 3PL partner can help support storage and distribution, even during rapid growth periods, and support storage of products and transport to distributors or deliver direct as part of an ecommerce solution. Warehouse Management Systems can integrate with the major ecommerce platforms, or bespoke systems, to ensure timely order picking and dispatch, stock level reporting and replenishment, and vital statistics that help businesses manage everything from customer preference to ordering habits and season trends.

Looking good

From grooming products to the latest designer dog jackets and cat bandanas, the British public like to make sure their pets look their best.

Generally, without a sell by or use by date, although there are exceptions, storing pet grooming products and clothing is perhaps the simplest form of pet product to outsource to a 3PL partner.

Whether it’s raincoats for Great Danes, or bow ties for cats, a tailor-made solution can be found allowing manufacturers or importers to concentrate on key elements of their business operations whilst a 3PL provider facilitates all warehouse and distribution requirements.

Happy and Healthy

Our pets can be complex beings though, and vet bills can be a more costly aspect of pet ownership.

However, it’s hugely important that we take every step to keep them happy and healthy.

Bulk and racked storage, on various pallet types can be catered for and should products fall under the lower tier COMAH regulations or require specialist storage under BAMA (British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association) some 3PL providers, including us, can offer this facility.

Other than that, just ensure that your chosen provider has BRC storage to the highest accreditation to ensure the responsible and correct storage of products that can be affected by heat, light etc, just as pet food can.

With many household pets acquired during the 2020/21 lockdowns, the UK veterinary sector is expected to grow around 9.5% (CAGR) between 2023 and 2028 and as such the need for slick supply chain support will be necessary to ensure those operating in the sector, and those receiving products and services from it, will remain satisfied.

The wider UK animal market

However, it’s not just about supporting the pet sector that 3PL providers can do with ease and professionalism.

Carlton Forest 3PL supports those that work in the commercial and domestic equine sector, the animal food chain feed for cattle, sheep, chickens, and the products that are associated in keeping this operating smoothly.

Whether it’s tins of fish food for a couple of goldfish, or ‘build your own’ stable kits, a reliable 3PL provider, that becomes a partner with your business, can deliver huge operational benefits and cost efficiencies.

To discuss your 3PL requirements contact our 3PL Head of Sales, Alistair Plant –

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