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Carlton Forest Renewables, home of the UKs first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres, has welcomed United Kingdom Warehouse Association (UKWA) CEO, Clare Bottle and Lisa Schulze in the first visit of its kind.

Part of the Carlton Forest Group, which operates a successful third-party logistics (3PL) division who have worked closely with UKWA for many years, the team were proud to showcase the plant to Clare and the impact it will have on the global tyre recovery sector.

Vanessa Hope, Chief Commercial Officer, Carlton Forest Group commented; “It was a pleasure to welcome Clare and Lisa to our headquarters and to explain the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the wider Carlton Forest Group.
“Our pyrolysis plant will be pivotal in changing how end-of-life tyres are processed on a global platform, and as huge consumers of tyres in the warehousing sector it was enlightening to detail the positive impact it will have.”

As part of the pyrolysis process, valuable commodities are produced – Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) and carbon char which can be further refined to Recovered Carbon Black (rCB). It provides a truly circular solution to recovering end-of-life tyres in that there is no further waste generated.

“Clare and Lisa were hugely positive about the technology that we have developed and the issues that it tackles surrounding the global challenges of recovering and recycling end-of-life tyres,” said Vanessa. “It’s always positive to have strong partnerships with industry professionals, from both 3PL and Renewables, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Clare, Lisa and the wider UKWA team.”

Further information about the pyrolysis plant can be found by visiting

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