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The operational excellence of a warehouse depends on many factors - a skilled and knowledgeable team, software that facilitates accurate customer and stock reporting, and facilities that are well equipped.

But one thing that is often overlooked is the part packaging plays in supporting warehouse operations.

With economic challenges still present, it’s really important to us that we help our customers finesses each part of the supply chain operation, and that includes packaging.

So, what should customers be considering when choosing packaging to minimise product damage, ensure efficient storage of product and visibility in their chosen storage facility or in a third-party warehouse.

Let’s take a look at the four things we’ll be discussing.

1 How packaging can elevate your brand

2 Good packaging labelling can support warehouse operations

3 Three things to consider when commissioning packaging to support warehouse optimisation

4 Pick and pack services within warehouses


1 - How packaging can elevate your brand

Good packaging can play a significant part in elevating your brand. Products that arrive intact, undamaged and in a box that either describes the production B2B supply chains or gives an unboxing experience for consumers in B2Cretail chains, can encourage customer loyalty.

Choosing the right packaging can help 3PL providers to manage stock inventory and reporting for customers driving efficiencies and accuracy to ensure supply chains are responsive and economical.

2 - Good packaging labelling can support warehouse operation

Any type of packaging should always have the correct product information thereon. Whether it’s corrugated boxes, or a protective sleeve of shrink wrapping, it can greatly help warehouse order pickers, stock management and inventory’s if the product information is clearly visible.

This can encapsulate product information, volumes per pack or per pallets, storage instructions, storage orientation and additional information such as whether goods or hazardous or subject to expiration dates.

Furthermore, when product is being dispatched or stock reports run, greater accuracies can be achieved to ensure warehouse services, ranging from container de-van to multi-channel and e-commerce are executed in a timely and precise manner.

3 - Three things to consider when commissioning packaging to support warehouse optimisation

Whilst the scope of packaging design is far and wide, there are three things we believe you should consider when commissioning packaging to support warehouse optimisation.

  • Opt for a bespoke design if your product is awkwardly shaped, delicate, high in value, or if the packaging is forming part of a brand experience. This can also include printed product information to ensure visibility of what is inside the packaging.

  • Don’t forget the importance of the inner packaging such as fittings, dividers and void fill when packing product. These can help to cushion a product when a bespoke packaging solution is not utilised.

  • Consider how product can be best stacked on a pallet or in a container and what that pallet or container size may be. Consider how your product will navigate its way through the supply chain, and how its packaging can support this can help to minimise product damage, elevate brand and streamline storage, logistics, warehouse and transport operations.

4 - Pick and pack services within warehouse facilities

One of the services often offered by 3PL providers such as Carlton Forest 3PL, is that of pick and pack – where products are stored, individually picked from storage, and re-packaged to be taken to a retailer, further storage facility or consumer end user through an e-commerce purchase.

This can take the format of a full pallet, case or item picking and, through our sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) our team members are easily directed to pick locations. A full validation process takes place before picking.

Packaging is equally important in such a service to ensure once again there is no product damage and brand reputation is protected as the product continues its journey through the supply chain.


Lisa Tomlinson, Divisional Director, Carlton Forest 3PL commented; “In addition, to the experience we have in determining how packaging can support warehouse optimisation, we also support a number of packaging providers with warehousing and logistics services.

“Packaging is a huge part of any business that manufactures product, and the UK Packaging market is tipped to register a CAGR of 3.8% between now and 2028. This shows how important it is to businesses and the UK economy, and as sustainability objectives of businesses continue to gather pace, recyclable packaging will continue to rise in popularity.”

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