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Carlton Forest Group is quite a unique business to be part of. Our people centric focus is intertwined in all that we do. Whether it’s our team that we take care of, our customers that we support, or the communities and charities that we work with, people are at the heart of everything that we do.

In the twenty first century that makes us quite unusual, although not the exception. An increasing number of businesses are starting to become more people focused. But this, coupled with our innovation, desire to succeed, and agile, flexible approach is positioning us as a company that people want to work with, and work for. It’s something that we are very proud of!

So, what is it that makes us that little bit different?


Innovation is key to ongoing success and whether it’s in our 3PL or our Renewables division there’s always an idea and a will to succeed.

Our 3PL division has always been fleet of foot, offering flexible and agile service, something which is making a real difference to the business day-to-day operations of our customers.

Our adaptability in developing our 3PL services and our ability to acquire warehouses and onboard customers rapidly, has seen many choose us above others. This division of the business continues to excel and has exciting plans for 2023.

However, perhaps true innovation is displayed in our Renewables division – home to the UKs first continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres.

The plant is now completed and in a phase of rigorous testing to optimise and eradicate any final adjustments before we close out the CDM period to lead into full scale commercial production. This will revolutionise the way that ELTs are recovered and processed, and the team is committed to it being the best for our valued clients.

Desire to succeed

As a family-owned business with a dynamic board that drives forward decisions, Carlton Forest, across all our divisions displays a desire to succeed in all that we do. From high level strategic decisions, to on the ground everyday operational issues, our capable, experienced team, headed up by our dedicated leaders work with their teams to empower them, educate them, and ensure they are valued as part of our team.

Mark Pepper, CEO, Carlton Forest Group commented; “Running a successful business has to be about managing it in the right way and to do this it is important to make sure that we have the right people, in the right positions.

“This allows the business to flourish and gives us a superb mix of experienced team members and ambitious people at the beginning of their careers, who will learn and thrive from some of the best. All things considered, it makes Carlton Forest a place which I am very proud of, and which will continue to grow, succeed, and diversify in the coming months and years.”

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