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This is the question that is obviously hugely important to Doncaster folk at the moment. And if people power alone would save it, we’d be home and dry!

At a recent public meeting held at Doncaster’s Eco-Power Stadium people flocked in to hear what Oliver Coppard, Mayor of South Yorkshire, Nick Fletcher MP, and Chair, Dan Fell from Doncaster Chamber had to say.

Whilst there is no definitive answer – concerning as there are only three weeks left of the consultation period – and as yet a conversation has yet to take place with anyone from Peel Holdings, it appears that the right lines of communication have been opened generally.

What we need now is action. Doncaster Sheffield Airport must be saved for our community, our newly founded city status and most importantly, the future of the town and its people.

Whilst people like Oliver and Dan are spear heading the campaign, we can all do our bit to make our voice heard and give this our very best shot.

· To keep up to date with the latest news follow Save Doncaster Sheffield Airport on Facebook -

· Make sure you sign the petition and send the link to everyone you know urging them to do the same -

· Write to Nick Fletcher MP, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, Aviation Minister, Robert Courts…. in fact anyone you can think of that could help the people of Doncaster and South Yorkshire save one of the best things that has happened for the region ever.

And it’s not just about the airport. Think about the knock on effect that it will have on other businesses that have built themselves around having an airport nearby. Hotels, our amazing Yorkshire Wildlife Park, cargo operations and logistics businesses to mention just a few.

In the DSA Master Plan 2018 – 2037 the first question it asks in the foreward is ‘Why is this masterplan important to you?’

Further down it states

The DSA masterplan outlines not only how passenger, cargo and general aviation growth will be delivered but how over manageable stages the airport will move towards being a well-planned, sustainable, mixed employment and residential area including a range of retail, leisure and other amenities.

It also states

Peel is passionate about the growth, regeneration and prosperity of the North of England and is committed to ensuring the long-term growth and success of DSA. It has a track record of reinvesting into communities creating economic activity, employment, and a better standard of life for everyone in the North.

So come on Team Peel! Stick to the plan, invest in our airport, our people, and our future and become part of our community rather than trying to decimate it.

Over to you Team Peel! Come and talk to us, come and work with us, and do something - just because it’s the right thing to do.

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