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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Anyone who works in the tyre recycling industry will be familiar with the overarching statistic; that the UK generates around 55m end-of-life tyres (ELTs) each year.

Whilst there is some recent information that suggest ELTs are being exported in higher volumes than ever, a ban on placing tyres into landfill, since 2006, has seen the tyre recycling and recovery sector become big business. Now, the UK’s first continuous pyrolysis plant for ELTs is set to be a game changer for tyre recycling and recovery in the UK and beyond.

With our ‘go-live’ date imminent, the plant will process 1 tonne of tyre crumb (tyres which have been de-fluffed and de-wired and chipped) each hour. Uniquely, our plant produces around 4 million litres of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil (TPO) each year and around 2,800 tonnes of carbon char.

Ben Crunkhorn, Divisional Director, Carlton Forest Renewables commented; “Our plant is an absolutely superb example of how waste products, in this case ELTs, can be recovered and processed in a responsible way to create further products making the process completely circular.

“Minimal further waste is created, no harmful emissions are created and, as the plant is small scale and can operate in island mode; meaning it requires no connection to the grid, the potential it brings to changing the face of tyre recycling is huge.”

The small scale but highly efficient plant can be deployed in warehouses across the UK, reducing the tyre miles generated by driving waste tyres up and down the country to tyre recycling facilities.

Ben concluded; “We will be the first operational continuous pyrolysis plant for end-of-life tyres in the UK. We are proud to be leading by example as to how tyre recovery can be a positive process, deliver a revenue stream and great return on investment, and make a real difference to how we dispose of one of the hardest to recycle materials.”

To enquire about joint ventures and purchase of the technology please contact Adam Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at

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